Crafting brand identities
and building digital spaces

for the cultural shift we are calling in

Women Studio was born from the realization that I could use my passion for digital design to be part of growing a new culture.
I’m participating in the development of a new web. Serving to spread the wisdom of Life. Allowing to gather people with shared values to heal the world we live in.

Jo's portrait

Hey! I’m Jo, a woman led by a burning desire for Joy.

The women I’ve met online have changed my life, allowing me to reclaim my sovereignty, reconnect with myself and my children, to Love my life

I’ve seen so many women entrepreneurs struggling to have a consistent and meaningful brand identity and online platform that serves them.

They have life-changing wisdom to share, but they find themselves wasting time and diluting their message in countless inappropriate tools.

My passion is to create brand identities and spaces that reflect the wisdom and magic of women, while preserving the anonymity of the data, giving us back the ownership and control of the platforms we use.

So that our message spreads without censorship.

If you have a life-changing wisdom to share but find yourself wasting time and energy, diluting your message in countless inappropriate tools, work with me!

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